Adorable newborn calf thoroughly enjoys face massage

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsCows are very gentle and docile creatures. We see them from afar every day, driving past farms where they graze in meadows. If we stop to look at them closely, or even wander among them, we can see that they are surprisingly beautiful animals. They can be naturally curious and even affectionate, if given the chance.

Dave is lucky enough to live near this beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. It's an "ethical farm" where the cows graze on wide expanses of lush, green meadow. There are ponds to drink from, acres and acres to wander, and the meadows are surrounded on three sides by forest and crops. They refuse to produce veal here. These cows are living life as close to what nature intended as possible. The farmers treat their cows almost like pets, and they have a very high regard for herd health.

Dave got to know the farmers and learned about their farming philosophy one year ago when Flo, one of their favorite cows gave birth up against the fence and her calf became stuck outside the field. Dave helped the calf, "Sparky" get back to his mother and he met the farmers in the process.

Since that day, Dave has had a greater appreciation for the importance of this kind of farming, as well as for cows in general. The farmers invited Dave to visit the cows and wander among them whenever he likes. This herd is so well treated and so well accustomed to people that they have no objection to a human joining them in their meadow. With a slow and respectful approach, the mothers will even let Dave sit and pet their newborn calves.

Anyone who understands cattle and farming will tell you that this is exceptional among protective mothers, and it shows the kind of relationships that these cows are used to having with people.

It's a warm, spring day and Giselle is enjoying a little nap in the grass after a big feeding. Her mother is enjoying a little time to relax and graze too. Giselle is only a few days old and she's as adorable as can be.

Dave took his time and approached Giselle and her mother, gradually having a seat beside her. He couldn't resist petting her as if she were a newborn puppy. She lapped up the attention, closing her eyes at times, and even seeming to want more. Just like an affectionate dog, she seemed to enjoy the encounter almost as much as Dave did.

Giselle is still as soft as a plush toy, and her legs are still wobbly. She'll grow quickly in the coming weeks as she nurses and snoozes, and those wobbly legs will become stronger.