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Rumble / Tech ReviewsMost of us upload pictures and videos to social media. You've probably been sharing your memories on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms for years. But what you likely didn’t realize is that most of the videos that you've uploaded are actually worth money. Serious money. What you also didn't know was that by uploading and sharing them the way you have been, you've simply been giving them away.

Advertisers are marketing their products on videos now more than ever. It's an even bigger marketing medium than television, although the principle is still similar. Almost everyone understands that advertisers pay to have their products and services viewed. We’ve all noticed ads that play on YouTube videos. They play at the start, in the middle, and in the sidebars on all sorts of videos. There are also overlay ads that appear in the middle of the screen. Most people are aware that the ads are generating money for somebody, but we don’t usually give it much thought.

It’s the owners of the videos that are being paid, as well as the platform that hosts the videos. What we may have noticed is that these ads appear on almost all videos that appear on major platforms, even the videos of simple things like pets, home movies, holiday videos, vlogs....basically any type of video imaginable. These videos are earning money for the people that made and uploaded them. And it's very easy to do.

Many of us have been uploading videos to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram without monetizing them. That means that they are literally being given away when they could have put money in your pockets.

People will ask: How do I monetize a video and earn money? The answer is simple. Most of it is exactly what you’re already doing. You just upload to Rumble instead of directly to social media. You can still share the video everywhere you did before, except now it will earn you cash every time it is viewed. In fact, the more you share it, the more you can earn.
Rumble provides the perfect opportunity to make money with almost any video. Uploading to Rumble is almost exactly like uploading to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other social media platform. You drag and drop a file, pick a title, write a description about the video and wait for the world to watch it. It's what you're already doing. Rumble puts ads on the video and manages the earnings, paying you 60 per cent of all ad revenue. In comparison, YouTube pays roughly 15 per cent to content creators. Rumble’s payout is the best in the industry. And the benefit of Rumble doesn’t stop there. They market your videos to MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and other platforms. They even have a Rumble Viral YouTube channel with almost 1,000,000 subscribers. Rumble is able to distribute your videos to the world. They copyright your video so that you get paid for every single view anywhere on the internet, even your own YouTube channel. Even if it was demonetized!

The main difference with Rumble is that they have a quality control system that selects the best videos for the biggest promotion. It’s this approval system that allows them to demand higher revenue and provide advertisers with matched content and ads. It’s what allows them to pay you more for your videos. Understanding this approval system is important to how you create videos, how you write your narrative descriptions, and how you select your titles.

Uploading to Rumble is easy. And the staff at Rumble will answer your questions directly. There’s even a community forum where you can find guidance and tips from seasoned content creators.
To top it all off, I’m happy to coach you on how to make the most of your videos and get Rumble working for you. It costs you nothing. All I ask is that you credit me with the referral. Email me at mojo_videos@hotmail.com and I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to start earning money doing what you’re already doing for free.

I've been making over $1,000 every month with simple videos and I'll tell you exactly how.


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