Cat Gives Feline Best Friend Adorable Relaxing Massage

Published May 16, 2019 7,398 Views $2.44 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensIf our cats were to become humans, even if it were for a short while, they would need some kind of a job right? Because purring and chasing invisible flies around the house doesn't actually pay. Now what kind of an occupation could a cat have?

They could be ninjas, since they can be so stealthy and attack from any place, at any time (yes, those are still present, but they are ninjas, so you can’t really see them, obviously). They could be professional pushers of everything you don’t want sitting somewhere - we all know how good cats are at removing certain items from certain places if they just feel like it. But the best profession they can have, and one we most certainly think they are very qualified for and pays the best is a massage therapist!

We have all seen a cat in action. They come to you at their own volition (not a good sign for a therapist, but we will take what we are given), first they warm you up with their big, fluffy bodies and then they proceed to knead out all your knots. Boy, oh boy, does that feel good! Sure, they might poke around some with their sharp nails, but who cares! A cat has decided that you are the lucky winner of their healing services for the moment and you should be grateful for it! Isn’t that nice?

Today, the lucky winner of the free massage was Angus and the provider of that blessed services was his adoptive brother Seamus. Look at him go. Blessed look on his face, as he focuses on getting right….in….that…….Aahh…

Have you ever wondered why they do that? You may encounter it under different terms, like “making bread” or “making biscuits”. It comes instinctively to cats from the moment they are born, when they attach themselves to their designated teat and start “milking” their mother. It was long believed that cats who have been separated from their mothers too early will continue doing this long into their adulthood. This myth has long since been debunked, showing that all cats, no matter when they were separated from their mother, still like to knead.

Since it is always accompanied by slow, rhythmic purring, it may have something to do with your kitty showing contentment, or if they are calming themselves of stress. It may also mean that they are marking you as their own with the scent from the glands in the pads on their paws.

Whatever the reason may be, you better not move, because who knows when it will happen again!