Jumping Pup Loves Leaping On Trampoline

Published May 15, 2019 25,864 Views $11.44 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThe video presented to you today is about an adorable dog full of energy. The footage was recorded in a nice little garden, situated at the back of a house. The rather young dog (7 months old at the time of the recording) is being filmed while he is having his play time in the garden of the family.

The owners of the dog and the clip shared their story to give us a little bit more context. They had previously lost their dog. It is such a horrible news that happened in february. To ease the pain of losing such a close friend they decided to adopt another dog, that the name Rio. Rio is a wonderful lurcher breed, and as he is is a puppy he has some much energy to spend. The backyard of those people is not so big, considering the size of this dog a bigger yard wouldn’t be extra. Yet, Rio is seen having such a blast.
The dog starts by running around in the garden, stopping by the window where his owners left a bucket of water for him. The dog is entering and exiting the frame by doing sprints around the whole grass area of the garden.
The interesting part about the clip and the reason why it was shared online is because of the irony of the situation. The people that own this cute dog have a grandson. A grandson that seems to be used to go to his grandparents house as he has left there outdoor toys. The one that interested Rio is this big trampoline left at the end of the garden.

While Rio is having is daily play time, he doesn’t hesitate to jump head first inside the trampoline. While in there he doesn’t rest for a single second, he is running around, bouncing around and he is doing that at such a high speed that he seem walking on the sidewalls of the trampoline. Puppies are so cute when it comes to playing and Rio is such an ecstatic one.

This following comment has been given to us from the owner of the clip : “Now we have trouble getting her off of it. She's used the trampoline more in 3 months than our grandson has in 4 years!"

It is really heartwarming to hear such comment from the owners of the dog. The grandson didn’t even have half the fun the dog has had in this trampoline. Such an adorable four legged animal.