Very simple bird feeder attracts extremely beautiful birds

Published May 13, 2019 5,500 Views $4.33 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeBird feeders are a delight in any back yard or garden. Birds that come to visit and feed at them are often gorgeous and full of colour. A joy to watch, birds will come and go all day long, taking turns feeding. It's not only relaxing to watch their activity, it's also very rewarding to know that the feeders help some of the most fragile of nature's creatures.

Oriole's are a particularly striking bird, with their bright orange and stark black plumage. The male is more colourful than the female and slightly larger, but both are breath takingly beautiful.

This simple treat may be the easiest bird feeder one could ask for. Slicing an orange in half and sticking it on a branch is all you need to do to attract a few orioles. Mangos and other bright fruits work equally well and a half dozen or so of these treats will keep a steady procession of the beautiful little birds coming from dawn til dusk.

Orioles are aptly named, as the word actually means "golden" in Latin. They spend their winters in South and Central America and the warmer parts of the southern United States. They migrate north in the summer, spreading throughout Canada and the rest of the United States.

Orioles are unmistakable to the eye, being uniquely coloured, and their nests are unmistakable as well. The female builds a pouch using plant materials of all sorts, such as grasses and leaves. The nest hangs from a branch on the underside, where they will lay 3-7 eggs each breeding season.

These acrobatic birds are beneficial for much more than their beauty. Although they are attracted to fruit, their main diet consists of insects, and they will fly and hover among the branches in search of flying insects.

Orioles are fond of well kept feeders with a consistent supply of brightly coloured, ripe fruit and they will often bring their young to a favourite spot.