Repairman Forgets To Fix Brakes Sends Car Downhill Into River

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Rumble You can't scrutinize recordings on the web for some time before running over stunning film of a fender bender recorded by a dash-mounted camera. The mind dominant part of such recordings are caught on Russian streets, yet have you at any point asked why? It's a touch of vexing when you first notice the pattern. Are Russians simply increasingly inclined to mishaps? All things considered, that is really a shockingly little piece of the riddle. Dash cams end up being almost key for Russian drivers.

A botching repairman who does not understand the brakes are not taking a shot at a lady's vehicle looks as it folds in reverse into a waterway while she's inside.

The lady acquired her vehicle to be fixed at a shop in Tambov, Russia. Be that as it may, her dashcam catches the minute her vehicle is switched out of the shop when the fixes have as far as anyone knows been finished.

But instead than halting when she applies the breaks the vehicle just continues moving down the slope. A befuddled auto technician appears not to see what's going on until it is past the point of no return.

Only seconds after the fact the vehicle slides down a bank and sinks into a waterway as the lady inside shouts for assistance. As the video closes the lady can be heard moving around in the water that is beginning to enter the vehicle.

The vehicle coasts towards the center of the stream as the repairman hop in after it to endeavor to protect the driver. It isn't recognized the end result for the vehicle or the lady after the video was caught.

The video closes when the dashcam seems to remove as the vehicle sinks further into the waterway on May 20 of every 2014.

The innovation running dash cams have gotten little enough and sufficiently shabby that most Russian drivers are glad to pay the cost. Great quality dash cams can be purchased in Russia for as meager as $50, or as much as $200. This little cost can possibly spare thousands in case of an accident like the above accident caught in the video.

Every one of these cameras works in a similar fundamental manner. They record always until their constrained blaze stockpiling is full, at that point, it is deleted and recorded once more. In the event that nothing goes amiss amid the drive, you're not losing anything significant when the video is overwritten. On the off chance that you end up in a mishap, the documents can be pulled off the gadget and put something aside for conceivable utilize later.