Wild pigs swim with humans in Caribbean waters

Published May 13, 2019 35,358 Views

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsThere are tons of beautiful animal videos out there, but this video of gorgeous (really!) wild pigs swimming serenely through crystal clear blue Caribbean waters alongside a group of placid human bathers is absolutely one of the most gorgeous that we’ve seen yet. It’s also one of the most mysterious. We’ve heard plenty of fearsome reports over the years of the potential ferocity of wild pig—especially when encountered unexpectedly by human hikers and bathers into the natural habitats.

But the porcine beauties captured here seem eminently at home with their human companions—who, for their part, seem equally comfortable to be getting so up close and personal with wild animals. The stunning setting is just the icing on the cake for a video that manages to make us feel both utterly at peace (from watching humans and animals communing in such harmony amidst an exceptionally beautiful natural setting) and also more than a wee bit jealous—because we would DEFINITELY rather be swimming around in Caribbean waters right now, or lolling on white sand beaches, more than anything we’re currently doing.

And that’s before you even factor this incredible encounter session with beautiful, untamed animals into the equation! We’re not sure where, exactly, this compelling video was shot. But we are one hundred percent sure that we’re ready to drop everything, book a hotel room, hop a plane, and jet straight out of our own humdrum workaday life to go there. Until that glorious day comes, we’ll have to settle for watching this video over and over and over again as the next best substitute to the real thing. While we head off to converse with our travel agent about possible future vacation plans (do they even have travel agents anymore?), we encourage you to do yourself a favor and start watching this video just as fast as humanly possible. It truly does make for an exceptional, once in a lifetime viewing experience, and is likely to inspire you as much as it’s already inspired us.

We haven’t been able to stop sharing this video with our beach loving, nature loving, and animal loving friends since the first time we saw it, and our guess is that you’re going to feel the same way once you’ve seen it. And then you’ll find yourself longing for some sun filled beach days of your very own. Thank goodness summer is right around the corner!