Racing Kitty Literally Sprints On Cat Wheel

Published May 13, 2019 1,835 Plays $32.36 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensThey can be a lively little bunch if they want. But when they live in a small apartment, cats can get depressed due to the lack of stimulation and exercise. Yes, you read right - cats get depressed.

It is more common than we would like to believe. They may have developed a bad rep for being the moodiest pets a human can have, some of them actually have shows signs of “clinical depression”, so much so that is has affected their health and quality of life.

Even we humans can get depressed when we are bored, so why can’t our feline companions? Increased playtime and exercise can liven up Mr. Whiskers and you in the process! Shower each other with as much love as you can possibly and you will see your kitty bounce back to his lively self.

Another way a human can stimulate their furry buddy is by providing them with an exercise wheel. It might sound hilarious or practically impossible, but it is true! Hamsters are no longer the only pets that can have an exercise wheel. Someone really smart has had the ingenious idea to create a workout machine for a cat and we are loving it!

Sure, Mr. Whiskers might need a bit of incentive to get on that silly looking contraption. So, just like Marbles the cat’s owner, you can give the laser pointer a shot. After all, what cat can resist the ever escaping red dot?

The great thing about this machines is that they are powered by your cat’s desire to reach a certain point faster. So point that laser pointer towards the wheel, wiggle it a bit to make it seem like the dot is enticing your cat to catch it and let the show begin! You think your cat has too much time on her hands? She will have no energy left after she has chased that dot for a few minutes!

It really is hilarious to watch a cat run on a wheel like a tiny rodent, to be honest. But if you share a 500 square foot apartment with your tiny beast, you are bound to provide it with some cardio. The soft, carpet - like padding will provide some friction as the wheel spins with the speed of your cat!

If you are not sure what to look for in a depressed kitty, here are some signs you might want to consider. Loss of appetite, long periods spent in hiding, lack of energy or increased lethargy, sudden aggression towards loved ones or spending more time sleeping are sure signs that your kitty needs more attention from you!