Skilled Athlete Pulls Off Incredible Handstand Dive

Published May 13, 2019 15,446 Plays $7.02 earned

Rumble / Unusual TalentsHave you ever heard about cliff diving? Cliff diving is probably the least challenging extreme sport. There's no gear to buy, no unique clothing to wear, and no provider assistance to use. It's just your body, voyaging through the air from dizzying hills and falling into a mass of water below. Think of jumping off an eight-story building. That's the height -- 85 feet (26 meters) -- from which the 2009 Cliff Diving World Championship competitors dove.

This video that we are about to show you is from INA World Championship SILVER Medallist 2017, Veteran in the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series since 2009, 7 times Czech Champion, in High Jump, Famous for his Superman Dive, aka Supratil, we present you Michal Navratil the craziest Professional Cliff Diver and stuntman!

Professional Cliff Diver Michal Navratil from the Czech Republic performs his handstand dive during the 17th World Championship FINA in Budapest from the 27meter platform. This looks so crazy and fun, but also really scary and dangerous at the same time. However, Michal is a professional, and he knows what he is doing.

He says that he enjoys cliff diving because it opens a new way of looking at life, at a different pace. Cliff diving is a sport where you have to overcome your fears, control your mind, and just believe and trust in yourself. For him, time stops when he stands on the edge on the platform or the edge of a rock. And when he jumps, he doesn't feel like he is falling, he feels like he is flying.

He is also a show diver, and he has high dived in shows from 2008, and he also works as a stunt man. However, he also enjoys other sport like running, biking, and almost every sport there is.

Cliff diving can be such an exciting sport, and when we show you this video of a dog and owner simultaneously performing a cliff dive you will know that you found a new sport for you and your dog.

In this video, you will undoubtedly be impressed with this couple! A man and his dog are obviously in sync with each other! When the owner gears up to dive off the raised cliff, you can see the sweet little pup gearing up too! Much to the surprise of the onlookers, the dog dives into the water at precisely the same time as his owner does! So amazing!