Dog gets Mother’s Day gift

Published May 12, 2019 2 Views

Rumble Abby was rescued many times in her young life. Her life began with extreme abuse and neglect. Finally she was rescued from the terrible situation and ended up in a high kill shelter in the South. Abby was set to be euthanized when a staff member of the shelter cafe to her aide and had her transferred to a shelter up North.
Abby was at the new shelter for about a week. When we saw her, she was in a concrete kennel with one toy. A ball. When she saw me, she began to cry and pushed her body up against the Metal fence to be pet.
We adopted Abby and she was very timid, shy with low self esteem due to the severe abuse she had suffered for so long.
Now, my family treats her like a Queen! Each Holiday Abby gets a present and she knows when she sees a gift wrapped that it’s for her.
Watch as she is over joyed while unwrapping her new gift!