Cheeky ravens repeatedly pull on bald eagle's tail

Published May 10, 2019 5 Plays $12.49 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeRavens are highly intelligent birds, believed to be as smart as chimpanzees. They have proven themselves to be capable puzzle solvers, tool users, and critical thinkers. They have tremendous memories and they communicate in a much more complex manner than we used to believe. They have even been shown to have a sense of humor. In many cultures, they are referred to as tricksters and crafty animals. Crows are not far behind ravens in terms of intelligence.

These ravens are prime examples of how crafty and intelligent their species really is. A large bald eagle has found or possibly killed a meal. The carcass lies behind the ridge of snow, just out of sight in this video. One daring raven edges closer and closer until he is within reach of the eagle's tail. Amazingly, he grabs the tail feathers and gives them a yank. This is as saucy as it gets! Occasionally, the eagle takes a moment to turn and address the cheeky bird who dares to pull his feathers, but he is smart enough to know that the raven can avoid him and that he is merely trying to draw the big bird away from the food. The raven has enough respect for the eagle’s beak that he nervously hops back, prepared to run for his life.
A formidable bird, the eagle has a razor sharp beak and talons to match. They are near the top of the food chain and they are feared and respected by most creatures. A full grown bald eagle has little to be afraid of.

These ravens are obviously hoping to share the eagle's food and they know that they are no match for his strength and size. Despite this, they caw and crowd around, relying on their agility to stay out of his way. They also work as a team to keep him looking in all directions, unable to protect the food from all of them. As big as he is, he has his hands full with this daring bunch.