Dog Finds Massive Branch In The Park, Determined To Bring It Home

Published May 10, 2019 18,744 Plays $12.25 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIn the following little clip, we get to discover a very stubborn dog that decided he wanted to bring an unusual toy back home after walking at the park.

The video starts and we can see the owner of the stubborn dog and his other dog, walking towards the cameraman. It appears to be somewhere in the streets as other pedestrians are walking by, some are even giving an eye at the camera out of curiosity. Many of those pedestrians looked at the dog carrying his big toy, some even turned around to keep on looking at this unusual scene. On each side of the streets we can see little squares of grass but it also seems like there are not for the dogs. The owner of the dogs is also looking in one particular direction, meaning they have somewhere to get to. It must have been on their way home hence why the dog wants to make sure he gets his new toy home.

The owner of those two dogs is an old man with glasses, he seems quite healthy as he is walking fast with his two dogs on leash. It looks like this is part of his routine and that he knows the way by heart. The second dog of this man he clearly not the focus of the video, he is walking at the same pace of his owner, not doing any in particular. His other and bigger dog is another story.

The bigger dog can be seen from far away with a big thing in his mouth. He was biting on it the whole time to carry it and be sure not to drop it. This dedicated dog was carrying this log around for a quite a while, following his owner on the way back home. He didn't let any humans get in his way, and the owner must have asked him to leave it before going home but without any success. On the other hand, it looks like this is not the dogs first time doing this, maybe his owner his well aware of the behavior of this dog and just let him have fun.

That really big piece of wood is almost as big as the dog, he is holding tight on it to make sure he can carry it. It is a cute scene to watch. From the start to the end of the clip the dog is walking straight, making sure to not drop his new treasure.