Vietnamese folk game: Pirates of the Flag

Published May 9, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble Vietnamese folk game: Pirates of the Flag
* Tool:
+ A scarf that represents the flag
+ A circle
+ The starting line is also the goal of 2 teams
* How to play:
+ The game manager divides the game team into two teams, with equal numbers of each team with 5-6 friends, standing in line at the starting point of their team. Count by ordinal numbers 1,2,3,4,5 ... you must remember your number.
+ When the manager calls a number, the number of the two teams quickly runs to the ring and steals the flag.
+ When the number caller returns, the number must be returned
+ At the same time, the guards can call two or four and four numbers
* Rule:
+ When chin is in play if you tap on him, lose
+ When you get the flag to run to the starting line of your team, you will not be hit by your team, win
+ When there is a risk of being patted, it is allowed to cast the flag on the ground to lose it
+ Any number that claps the number cannot be tapped on another number. If you get hit by another number, don't lose
+ Which number is lost ("died") the manager does not call that number anymore
+ The player must not hug, hold each other for you to steal the flag
+ The player seeks to deceive the opponent to scoop the flag, select the appropriate pitch to take the risk, flag out of the circle, to re-flag the circle only to steal the flag in the circle.
+ Distance of flags to equal teams