Veterinarian is surrounded by the most adorable puppies ever!

Published May 9, 2019 5,348 Views $4.69 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDr. Kristy Hiltz is a veterinarian who loves her job, and it's no surprise that she dearly loves animals. She grew up admiring veterinarians who could help them and ease their suffering. Her typical day at the office can be stressful and challenging. Often, diagnosing illness in patients who can't communicate with us is difficult. And some days, despite their best efforts, veterinarians might not be able to fix every animal that they would like to.

But then there are days like this, full of fluffy cuteness and adorable faces, and it suddenly seems like the dream job.

Eric and Jodi are wonderful clients who care deeply for their two dogs, Stella and Dexter. They consider these pets to be true family members who deserve nothing but the best. When Dexter, a strong and handsome Maremma, and Stella, a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog became young parents and delivered a litter of thirteen beautiful little balls of fur, they took them to see Dr. Kristy for their first check ups. This is the appointment they had at ten weeks of age and the floor was literally covered with puppies playing, exploring, snoozing, and sniffing. Dr. Kristy was in heaven as she listened to heartbeats, checked teeth, gave injections, weighed the puppies, and snuggled with each and every one of them in between tasks.

The puppies were completely relaxed and loved the attention. As they received their shots, they were also given treats and they didn't even notice the poke. Some of the puppies slept under the desk through the whole appointment.

For Dr. Kristy, the only hard part was making sure that none of the pups got underfoot. It was a sea of cuteness throughout the whole room.

Eric and Jodi had no trouble locating perfect forever homes for each of these dogs. As gorgeous as they are, and with parents as well-natured as Stella and Dexter, there was a lineup for these pups. Eric and Jodi know each prospective owner well. A few even remained in the family.

For Dr. Kristy, this was one of those days that will always be fondly remembered.