Bus Driver Stops Student From Stepping In Front Of Speeding Car

Published May 9, 2019 86,391 Views

Rumble / Trending NewsIn the following video, we get to witness a female bus driver saving this teenager boy’s life.
This incident took place on the 26 of march at around 10:30 in the morning.The scene was recorded from the surveillance camera place above the driver’s seat and therefore we get the information about the date and time. The scene starts a few hundred yards from the teenager’s bus stop. The weather does not seems to be the ideal weather to drive in ( it is impossible to see if it was raining or not but the sky was really gray and covered). The teenage boy is your typical teenager, he was a little bit distracted from the outside world even though he wasn’t using his phone. Who knows what can go through a teenager’s mind.

The real hero of this video clip is the woman driving the bus. Not only she was doing her job well by driving those people to their desired location but she was so aware of the traffic, that she just caught this teenage boy. He was about to get out of the bus when a car passed on the side of the bus door, at high speed. The teenage boy then waits a little bit before getting out of the bus. The driver makes a hand sign to him to let him pass in front of the bus, probably to get to the other side of the road. Little towns are more affected by events like those as their bus stops aren’t accompanied by a traffic light or a stop sign.

After this little incident the bus driver started speaking with the other people present in the bus and witnesses of this life saving action. The bus driver starts asking the other people if they had seen this car coming up the road. The driver seems to be a little mad at the situation, it is understandable, in this scenario, depending on the country where this took place the driver of the fast white car could get in trouble. Overtaking a bus from the right side is very dangerous and punishable by law.

The moral of the story is always be on watch while in traffic. The danger does not come from you but from the other people driving on the road. Even while riding with public transport attention is required at any moment. Because of the vehicles the bus drivers have to drive, their visibility is reduced. No one should cross or walk behind a bus.

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