Cat Shares Juicy Watermelon Slice With Owner

Published May 9, 2019 18,447 Views $1.34 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensIn the following video shared to you today, we get to assist to the snack of a cat owner and her beloved animal. The cat is in frame with his owner as soon as the clip starts, already enjoying his meal. The owner of this cat is sitting at a table, with a plate, a napkin and a mic directed towards her and the cat. The frame is quite cleared from things in the background and foreground meaning that she meant to record this sequence.

The cat is just sitting on the table. Snacking on his little piece of watermelon. This seems like such an odd treat for a cat but he seems to enjoy it. Fruits and vegetables are very important for your health, just as much as it is in animal health. Prior to giving any human food to your four legged best friend, the best is to check on the internet or with your veterinary if the food is safe for your companion.

Now back to the video where our two protagonist are enjoying their own slice of watermelon. The cat is not doing any effort as his owner is holding the piece of watermelon for him. The owner of the cat can be seen looking at the camera from time to time with a little smile, thinking that her cat must be so cute looking while doing this, and he is. Because of the mic that was placed next to them on the table we can hear both different sounds from the two of them eating their fruit. The girl is just biting small parts, chewing and eating them. But the cat is seen licking the piece of watermelon from the start to the end of the clip. The plate that is placed on the table also has a piece of watermelon. It is such a shame that the clip cuts before we get too see the owner and her cat eating both from the same piece of fruit.

This clip is quite nice as it portrays a cat owner spending quality time with his pet. The cat also seems to be enjoying the whole moment, even if watermelons aren’t reputed to be the feline’s favorite dish. Cats have such unique ways to shows their affection, they differ from dogs on that point a lot. Don’t forget to record your favorite animals and companions and post them here on Rumble!