Michael Fish's NBC26 weather forecast

Published May 7, 2019 10 Views

Rumble Even though we'll have plenty of sun today, don't let it fool you as highs will only be in the upper-50s, though even cooler lakeside. Get ready for more rain to roll in on Wednesday. It will also be windy and raw for this time of year with highs struggling to make it to the mid- to upper-40s. A mix with a little wet snow is also possible well off to the NW of Green Bay. The windy, cold rain continues on Wednesday night with lows around 40. Once again, way off to the NW, they could mix in a little wet snow. This rain will continue at times into Thursday with chilly temps & gusty NE winds. This will be a soaker of a stretch with rain totals between 1-2 inches. The large storm will exit the area by Friday with sunshine & warmer temps returning. The weekend isn't looking too bad with a chance of rain Saturday night, and maybe a little bit on Sunday with highs in the low-60s.

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