Cat Defies Stereotypes, Gives Doggy Loving Bath

Published May 7, 2019 8,752 Views $6.85 earned

Ever since we have been little, itty-bitty humans, we have been taught that certain things just don’t mix. You know, stuff like blood and water, water and oil, cats and dogs...the usual.

When you think about it, if you apply enough force and use the right technique, one can, in fact, mix water and oil. Think about it; if it weren’t actually possible, we wouldn’t have had sweet, sweet vinaigrette! Right?!

Since you can actually emulsify water and oil, why not emulsify cats and dogs too? No, we are not talking about splicing the two species together. But if you create the right conditions and have plenty of patience, one can, in fact, create amiability between a feline and a canine.

Imagine Tom and Spike not chasing each other? Would you watch that cartoon? We know we certainly would! But by the time Hanna and Barbera think of that story, we got these two adorable little creatures to show us that yes - cat and a dog can be the best of friends.

Check out these two friends defying the laws of cat and dog relationships that we all have come to assume. Too cute! One way cats show affection towards someone is by licking them. And if there is something to conclude from this short episode, is that this gray cat love this chihuahua!

The dog definitely doesn’t seem to mind the spa treatment, as the cat licks his neck, purring profusely. Think of it as a bath and a massage. Like a massaging shower. Or a massaging bath get the picture.

Not even the camera getting right in the cat’s whiskers did not dissuade this lovely feline off her mission, and that is to show the tiny dog just how much she loves him. The pooch looks like he will achieve nirvana any moment now, laying motionless, tongue almost out, as the cat takes care of business. They are just so adorable!

These two not only share their grooming time, they even share their nap time. The fantastic duo have been spotted by their owner sharing an afternoon nap in the sun, back to back. Luckily for us, it was all caught on tape. What a sight to behold.

So, if you notice a cat licking a dog like there is no tomorrow, do not be alarmed. The cat isn’t broken. It’s .exe is not in need of some serious debugging. In fact, it might just be that the other animal was just in desperate need of some feline loving.

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