UFO plasma fireball near Odessa, Ukraine

Published May 6, 2019 113 Views

Rumble Many plasma fireballs are spotted on the shore of a salt lake called Kuyalnik, Odessa, Ukraine. Evening May 6, 2019.

UFOs were seen after sunset on May 6, 2019 northwest of Odessa, flashes of light and plasma sphere's were located 6 km from the observation point.

In the beginning, strange flashes of light were observed, the bright ball crumbled into a multitude of lights, in a second they split up and flew away, while the opposing sides flew off for 100 meters.

Then the lights went off, the video recording was stopped, then a new bright fireball appeared at the same place and the video recording was resumed. It lasted over 10 minutes.

The most important point that confirms that this is a UFO, a fragment where many objects appeared from one and became moving away from each other, the video started with this and the fragment was put three times to repeat.