4 years ago

Video creator tells you how to make money on Rumble

Do you enjoy recording videos while on vacation or just out on a Sunday drive with your friends and family? Would you love to make some cash doing what you may have been doing for years and have not made a penny? Well making some extra money is a reality with some simple steps and a little bit of creativity and effort. Actually you have probably already been giving a lot of effort recording, editing and submitting your experiences on another video platform and possibly not even getting any returns for your hard work. Well that was me two years ago, working hard and not even realizing there was such a way to make money recording my dog playing, or snorkeling in the amazing waters in the Caribbean. While in the Grand Cayman airport a couple years back, carrying my GoPro case I met a guy, a very friendly guy that gave me a few ideas and mentioned a site that "pays you money for doing what you already do, videoing stuff!!!".

After a short chat we parted ways, shook hands and I thanked Dave for sharing his email address with me. Dave offered up assistance in getting me registered and offering assistance producing videos for this site. The site was RUMBLE.COM. So as I explain in my video, I contacted Dave and he started me off. Did I know I soon would be addicted to the world of video creation? I sure did not. Over the next two years I have learned what works and some of what does not work to get your creations to receive what RUMBLE calls "profit sharing status". With this, your creation will get shared to other video platforms such as Google, YouTube and many others. Once forwarded to those many other sites, and your views grow, that's when the excitement starts. You will see "earnings" grown within your RUMBLE profile.

Seeing views grow proves to you that "hey others like my work too!!!" So if you are like me recording video all the time and want to know more about how to make cash, email me at brentferguson7@gmail.com and I will forward you the info that helped me get started. NO STRINGS ATTACHED!!! If you want to check out RUMBLE.COM to see what the site provides, check out my channel in the search bar. cdngreenwaterdiver is my user name. Thanks for listening and enjoy my video on how YOU TOO can get paid for doing something you love. Best of luck and I look forward to hearing from you.

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