Puppy Helps With Workout Routine

4 years ago

If there is one thing that a good portion of humankind hates about felines, it’s their blatant disrespect of personal space. When a cat decides that she wants attention, she will do anything in her power to get right in your face, rub her whiskers all over you. That goes especially if you are doing something, like reading or working on a computer. They just have to check if you are still alive! “You still breethin’, hooman?”

As it turns out, cats aren’t the only ones who love invading their owner’s personal space. It seems that baby dogs are just as disrespectful. Don’t believe us? We have just the proof you need!

Meet Creami. This little guy loves his human dad so much, he will not leave him alone for one little bit. As you can see, Creami would much rather climb on his owner’s back while he does the push ups than watch from the side.

Now, those of you who pride at being resourceful might think, why not? Every athlete can appreciate the extra resistance, especially when it comes to at-home workouts. The pup is just trying to be a little helpful!

Good thing his owner Luis doesn’t mind Creami’s “help”, as he tried to climb on top of his back, together with his favorite sock monkey. Luis waits patiently as the Labrador pup struggles to meet the altitude, but we have to praise the dog’s resilience and incredible sense of balance. While Luis goes up and down with his routine, the only thing moving on the tiny dog’s body are his floppy ears. And that’s not his fault, you know; it’s nature’s design.

All jokes aside, having a workout partner is actually very helpful. Having someone to share the burden with (not literally, of course) can be very motivating. You just have to try it.

If nothing else, having a pup to accompany you hiking, riding a bike, running a few miles around the block or for just a casual, refreshing walk is an excellent workout. Both humans and dogs can appreciate the hardy cardio, plus it’s an opportunity to bond with your friend. In any case, if cardio is a forbidden word in your vocabulary, you can just take your 50+ pound dog in your arms and use it as a weight. Or, if the dog is really in the mood and extremely cooperable, you can lift it with your feet and train legs. Why not? That would make an interesting workout routine.

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