Magnetic Building sets for sequencing and Motor Control

Published May 4, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble I not only love to make therapeutic activities out of recycled materials….. I am also excited to create entirely new activities out of materials that are broken, in storage or simply not being used anymore. I discovered the magnetic building block toy in a program room closet. But it is pretty challenging for most of my clients. The directions are to copy diagrams of shapes created by connecting the pegs and balls. I happened to have some metal washers and a broken Connect 4 frame and turned the materials into a very versatile activity that develops
1) Eye-hand coordination to place the pegs inside the Connect 4 frame sections
2) sequencing skills to place the washer, color paper on top, matching color magnetic peg and finally the ball on top.
3) Motor control to keep the pegs upright and fix when they do fall.
4) Sensory stimulation from the pull and push of magnetic materials placed in and out of the coffee can
5) Flexibility to use the materials in a variety of ways

My clients benefit from movement as they place the magnetic pegs on or off the magnetic white board. I cut paper circles out of construction paper to add the color matching step, but this is optional. Purchase small or larger materials according to the child or client’s motor abilities. Offer an opportunity to draw circles on the white board to place the magnets inside. Someone will surely love wiping the board clean!

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