Handmade paper crafts: 3 DIY love-themed greeting cards

Published May 1, 2019 512 Views $0.73 earned

Rumble / Do It YourselfIn this video you can learn how to make beautiful love-inspired paper cards. We will teach you how to make 'I Love You' cards for your loved ones! Please your friends and beloved ones with a surprise greeting card... They're gonna love it!

Many of us consider paper cards to be something hopelessly outdated and redundant. After all, now you can just send a sticker in social networks. It is simple and fast, does not require any costs or time. However, the more so, a handmade postcard will surprise the recipient and will let him know that you really tried to make something pleasant. A beautiful card made with love and attention will be stored for a long time, like old photos, reminding the person of your feelings. This card will be a great gift for a girlfriend, for mom or sister.

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