"Dora The Explorer" Failing To Make An Entrance

ViralHog Published April 30, 2019 2,193 Plays $2.46 earned

Rumble / Epic FailsThe view gave a bad move to this young girl, who ended up stamped on a glass door, which seemed imperceptible to her, since she did not notice that it was closed and passed as if nothing to then make a strong impact that would end up unleashing laughter between her friends and herself. The funny images were captured in what seems to be a studio where a group of friends gather to make notes. One of her friends arrived a little late to the girls' meeting but she with all the style of the world wanted to make a triumphal entrance to be noticed in front of her friends, she did it!

This is probably one of the funniest videos you'll ever see, rarely is it possible to capture the exact moment when human clumsiness reaches its maximum expression. Sometimes our minds are in another world and we can't notice that we're about to make a fool of ourselves, and even worse, everything is recorded for your friends to laugh to death. The important thing right now, is that the girl didn't come out with serious injuries after hitting the glass door, something that is evident because she immediately joins the wave of laughter that surrounds her and this group of girls ends up having an attack of laughs too comical. Hilarious!

The reaction of the girls is the typical reaction of mocking friends, those who do not expect to see a friend fall to laugh mercilessly, can barely hold the camera to continue recording. One of the girls, we don't know what the hell she's doing lying on the floor laughing, is under the table, maybe the laughter has knocked her to the floor, something that's quite crazy and funny. They laugh in such a funny way that it is inevitable not to get infected and laugh next to them. This accident will be unforgettable for this group of friends, who have had a dose of laughter after a day of hard work.

In the Internet there are many funny videos of people who are stamped on the glass and this is something that causes a lot of laughter (when it does not become a really serious accident), although, there are cases where people run and hit themselves very hard with any glass wall and the impact turns out to be strong enough for the person to be injured. Even more dangerous could be if the glass ends up breaking and the person has cuts on his or her body. This is one of the most common types of accidents in people, even if it doesn't seem like it.

A clear example of this is the Apple Park which was inaugurated last year, its structure is a large spiral of concrete, steel and glass in almost its entirety, despite being a beautiful and modern design, this caused many accidents to their employees. The employees after moving to their offices in the new headquarters, it was almost impossible for them to see exactly where the glass walls were and collided abruptly with them, this was known thanks to the large number of emergency service calls that were received from that place. Apple had to put stickers on its windows to make them easy to detect, although this affects the design and the impeccable appearance of the windows, it was extremely necessary because people's safety is in front of everything.