Husky With Cabin Fever Goes A Little Crazy

Published April 29, 2019 3,378 Views $18.83 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesBeing thrilled about going for a walk is almost universal among dogs because it's safe to say they looove walk. If you reach for that leash, lace up your shoes or do anything that suggests even the slight chance that you are going for a walk, your dog will probably will so overjoyed that you are about to do its favorite thing.

If you say to your dog right now "Let's go out for a walk," he/she would go crazy in the same second jumping and running around the house waiting for you to go on an adventure. They love walks because of it their time to explore, see new times, and of course spend time with you.

However, sometimes the weather does not let you enjoy walks with your dog, and you have to stay at home and try to enjoy some time at home together. Do they understand that the weather is not good for going out for a walk? Probably not, so the best thing they can do about it, is to protest and give you an attitude.

This husky found her way to entertain herself at home. It was a cold and rainy week, so this husky wasn't able to go outside. She decided to have some fun around the house instead. Check it out!

She had some much energy that she couldn't stop running around the house. Wow, would look at that energy, she took like 20 laps around the living room and the kitchen, and after those 20 laps, she got tired and decided that is enough, so she went under the kitchen table and lay down to rest. So fun and adorable!

Nora, the Siberian Husky, is such a fun, adorable and energetic dog that always makes us smile and makes us feel like we can go through the day. So, because we want to give you more of her energy, we have another video of her where she can not wait to go for a walk.

In this video, Nora, who at the time of the shooting was still just a pup, is pleading the owner to go out and take its precious walk. She is so restless and high-strung with anticipation that her mood slowly leaks out of the screen and infects whoever is watching the video. With every movement, every twitch of the muscles, she signals to her owner that it is high time and she is more than ready.

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