Pomeranian Gets Adorably Frustrated With Treat Puzzle Toy

Published April 29, 2019 5,578 Views $46.40 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe always try our best and do our best to entertain our dogs. They deserve our full attention and love, and we absolutely love taking care of them and having fun with them. Dogs are man's best friends, and it's safe to say that they consider us theirs too. However, the one thing they would put on the same scale as the love for us is probably food.

They love food as much as they love us, maybe, even more, to be honest. There is no doubt that dogs love food and they love treats. They will give everything just to get their paws on some treats. Dogs are always determined to get their paws on something they like, but this dog doesn't hold back when it comes to getting a hold of a delicious treat.

Because they love treats so much this owner decided to include some fun when it comes to giving treats to her doggy; however, this funny puppy does not see the fun in this game and just wants to get some treats. Take a look at this hilarious video, and we guarantee you that it will make you laugh a lot!

Bomi the two-year-old Pomeranian doesn't understand that she needs to turn the toy in order for a snack to come out. She just begs her owner to do it instead! Why waste time on some game, when she can make her owner do it for her with her sad little puppy eyes and get right to the point, which is eating the delicious treats. She is so funny!

Dogs enjoy eating treats because they can be fun to eat. They can chew them and play with them for hours, and enjoy the deliciousness. Did you know that some treats have nutritious value? They have a lot of vitamins and excellent nutrition for your dog.

Sometimes they can become extra smart when it comes to treats. Their brain lights up when they hear the word treat. Just like these smart pants. These dogs take turns holding a toy while the others receives treats and they are a super duo!

They both wait patiently for their turn to come as the owner switches turn to feed them both. You can learn a lot about the art of teamwork from Grace and Cuba as they take turns holding their favorite toy while the other munches on some delicious treats. Teamwork makes dream work!

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