Social Skills Sorting Task for Developmentally Disabled Client

Published April 27, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble This client loves to sort but he does not like to share or take turns. He is nonverbal. I am teaching him to sort only the yellow, red and blue colors into the 3 containers close to him and to hand me the colors that I need. I am sorting green, purple and orange pictures into the 3 containers in front of me. I mixed up all the colors/pictures and gave each of us 1/2 the pile so that we need to give the other person the pictures that are not on our perspective sides. This was kind of hard for him to do because he didn't want to share the activity with me, but he learned the rules pretty quickly. I think that this activity will help him better tolerate others in his space and engage with his peers through a shared task.

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