Learning To Love My Facial Scars | SHAKE MY BEAUTY

Published April 26, 2019 1,535 Views

Rumble HAVING a giant birthmark has taught a body positivity advocate how to accept herself for who she is and spread an inspiring message of self-love. Nathalia, of Los Angeles, was born in Brazil with a rare condition known as Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, which caused her to have a birthmark that covered 40% of her face and scalp, as well as “satellite marks” all over her body. Throughout her childhood in Porto Alegre, Nathalia underwent nine surgeries between the ages of nine months and 13 years, to remove the birthmark, which has left her with significant scarring on one side of her face. But she hasn’t let her hardships hold her back from inspiring others with her story. She told Barcroft Studios: “When I see myself in the mirror, I see a pretty woman. I love my hair, I love my eyebrow, and my smile.”