Woman Incredibly Starts Pack Howl With Norwegian Wolves

Published April 25, 2019 164,480 Views

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsThere is something special about listening to the howl of a wolf. It is even more amazing if the wolves are howling all around you, and a member of your group got the howling started. Wolves and Women have been tarred with the same brush. They are supposed to be cunning and treacherous and untrustworthy. But the aspect of the Wolf that the Wild Woman relies on is the idea of FREEDOM!

However, this adorable video shoot in Northern Norway shows Anneka Svenska a British Wildlife Presenter and Conservationist starts a pack with Norwegian Wolves is simply awesome! Anneka Svenska says; “The wolf packs ranged in size from two wolves to more than ten.

Each pack had its own personality, but I especially enjoyed the larger packs because you could actually see how the wolves behave with each other.
It was amazing to me how much their behavior reminded me of my family dog at home; though I suppose they are all canines, so I should not have been that surprised.”

“Wolves are Beautiful and misunderstood creatures and Not Mindless killers. People kill what they fear and do not understand.” Anneka Svenska is a naturalist, broadcaster and filmmaker live in Great Britain. Anneka specializes in wolves, wildlife crime, films for animal and environmental charities and wildlife conservation.

Anneka is a wolf enthusiast, canid expert, and handler and has filmed and worked alongside both North American and European Timber Wolves as well as living with a high content of wolf
dogs on a daily basis.
Anneka is not afraid to speak of her love of apex predators and is quite at home swimming with great white sharks, tracking wolves, catching snakes in the wild and
anything which involves dangerous, or rather, misunderstood animals.

Four years ago, Anneka Svenska attended an educational program at Wolf Park and knew she just had to get involved.
The nonprofit organization is dedicated to conservation, research, and public education about wolves.
She describes her experience in Wolves Training. "Wolf Park's internships are pretty popular," she says. "They take ten interns a season from all over the world. Since I was already familiar with the animals and staff as a volunteer, I was accepted for the summer after my freshman year."

"Wolf Park taught me how to interact with wolves," she says.
"It was a joy to convey the experience I learned and having people share my excitement made all thing worthwhile."

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