Two Men Encounter "Strange Woman" In Crypto Four Corners Area

FactWarehouse Published April 23, 2019 0 Plays

Rumble In June of 2014, Two Paranormal Investigators, were investigating a case. They were looking for "Brass" along some railroad tracks in a rural, desert area when they came upon what they describe as a "Woman in her 20's, wearing 6-inch stiletto heels, and torn, up denim clothing" out in the middle of no where. She was walking in the bushes along a railroad access road. If it was one of the men, walking they would have been walking on the railroad access road, but she was walking in the bushes, along this road. Being polite since they were in the middle of no where they stopped and asked the woman if she was alright. She turned to reply, and told them something like " No, I'm fine", and made eye contact with the men. Her eyes were solid, black, no pupil, or iris, no nothing. The eyes made the men, sick to their stomach, and a overwhelming fear came over them. They fled the scene, as quick as possible. The encounter took place about 20 miles SW away from from any major roadways.