Baby Girl Can't Stop Hugging Her Puppy

Published April 23, 2019 10,035 Views $22.21 earned

If there’s anything better in life than watching babies playing or watching puppies playing, then it can only be a watching a video of a baby and a puppy playing together—which is to say that this video has all the feels, along with an insanely high adorableness quotient. And that definitely makes it worth watching as soon as possible—and then over and over and over again. This little girl clearly loves her puppy like crazy, and it seems just as clear that this puppy loves his little girl right back. And that makes perfect sense, because kids and puppies go together as naturally as peanut butter and jelly, or peanut butter and chocolate (or peanut butter with just about anything, come to think of it).

In any case, this video is so ridiculously cute that your heart might just burst from watching it, but we still think that the risk of heart burst-age is well worth running for the sake of seeing something this sweet. The sight of this innocent child and the puppy she loves will be a definite bright spot in your day, no matter how otherwise down in the dumps your day might have left you so far. It really just does not get any better than this. And even if you’re having an incredibly great day, couldn’t you stand to have it get just a little bit better? Of course you could!

Which means that this video is for you as well. Basically, unless you’re some kind of soulless monster who (gasp!) doesn’t like children or puppies, we can’t imagine how you wouldn’t enjoy this one, and that’s an ironclad guarantee. So if you haven’t hit the Play button yet, then now is definitely the time to do so. And be sure to bookmark this one for repeat viewing, because the feel good vibes that this adorable video offers are bound to last well beyond the first time you see it and into the second, third, fourth, and so on. We’re also guessing that someone you love will get just as big a kick out of this as the rest of us have, so be sure to forward it to someone you care about. Consider it an act of love—one inspired by all the love this baby and puppy clearly feel for each other. In other words, be sure to pay it forward!

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