This cat is having none of the "cheese tossing" challenge

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Rumble / Cats & KittensAh, cats! Their reputation as highly opinionated creatures always precedes them, and the feisty tuxedo kitty in this hilarious video lives up to that reputation and then some. He obviously has very strong feelings about the “cheese challenge” meme that seems to be sweeping the internet of late—i.e. throwing a slice of cheese into an unsuspecting baby’s face. We’re not exactly sure who first thought it would be a good idea to both waste cheese and insult a baby’s dignity this way. Nor or we quite sure why it’s caught on to the point that it’s attained official meme status. And we definitely don’t know why somebody would think, “You know what’s even better than throwing cheese at a baby?

Throwing cheese at a cat!” All we know is that this fearless feline—standing up for his own dignity, as well as that of hapless cats and babies everywhere—simply isn’t having it. He does exactly what we think anyone who has a slice of cheese thrown into their face (while on camera, no less!) ought to do: namely, to redeliver that slice of cheese back to its original thrower in the haughtiest manner possible. And doing anything haughtily is pretty much a cat’s natural function in life, so the cat in this video was certainly well chosen for this particular task. Well done, kitty! Of course, all of that having been said, it’s undeniably laugh out loud funny to see this cat doing such an excellent job of teaching some manners to the human who threw the cheese at him, so we can’t say that we disapprove of this video having been made. Far from it! This has given us what just may be the biggest chuckle we’ve had all day, and we’re guessing that it will do the same for you.

So if you haven’t hit Play yet, we can only assume that it’s because you think you don’t need any more laughter in your day. But how could that even be possible? Who doesn’t need a good laugh at regular intervals? So play this, bookmark it, share it around—and, above all, discourage anyone you know from throwing cheese at babies and cats. Again, we’re still not sure why this is even a thing. All we can say is—sometimes when you throw a piece of cheese at someone’s face, you should expect to have it thrown right back.


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