Sleeping dog caught in the middle of intense dream

Published April 23, 2019 3,130 Views $34.85 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesNot only do we humans dream, but dogs can also do it, especially after being so tired of playing they can fall into a deep sleep that makes them dream of tasks they do every day.
This nap was the perfect excuse for their owners to turn on the cameras on their phones and capture the embarrassing moment of his pet's private dreams. Without even noticing it his owners have already posted the video on the Internet without consulting him. The only bad thing about it is that you cannot ask your pet when he wakes up. What have you dreamt? He would not answer you and those are one of the great secrets these dogs keep, we only notice if they are happy, upset, scared or excited, but it goes without saying that it is not necessary for them to talk to have a strong communication with them and know what they want us to understand.

Dogs in their dreams should have as much fun as in reality, that is obvious, so let's not do the evil of waking them when they rest, maybe even continue having fun and so we can relax and rest from their enormous energy of playing every moment. There is no doubt that many humans when they see their puppies asleep feel the need to wake them up because they miss them, even though they are a meter away from them, only because we get used to them, always their making gestures and approaching us so that we can caress them, that's something we love!

There are many people who love to sleep with their pets and create that intimate habit of sharing the bed, although surely this friend is not well received in bed, because he moves too much and nobody would like to be kicked or hit with the tail while sleeping. Even when asleep he is hyperactive! This dog has the energy of five dogs, so instead of having another dog to keep him company, have decided to buy an inanimate pig, is enough with this puppy that plays either asleep or awake. Very funny!

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