Fighting Wild Horse Gets Help From Friend During Scuffle

Published April 23, 2019 356,965 Views

Rumble / Wild WildlifeIt’s time for another round of tag team wrestling—wild horses edition! This video features rare footage not only of two Konik horses throwing down and tussling with each other, but of a third horse charging in to his buddy’s aid (at least, we assume that they’re buddies!).

It makes for a totally gripping display of magnificent animals doing what they do best, and therefore is definitely worth the brief time it will take you to watch it. This video was shot in the Netherlands, at a nature reserve called Oostvaardersplassen. (This name is a real mouthful, although we’re guessing it’s much easier to pronounce if you’re actually from the Netherlands!).

The reserve is built on a polder—a type of low-lying land formation reclaimed from a sea or river and protected by a system of dikes—that was created in 1968 and declared as a Ramsar wetland in 1980. As mentioned earlier, the horses are Konik horses—a type of semi feral horse originating in Poland.

The transport of the horses from Poland to the Netherlands—and the creation of the protected wetland on which they now live—is all about human intervention, but everything else you’ll see in this video comes down to the horses themselves and is one hundred percent intervention free. And as much as we’d rather see horses frolicking playfully than involved in a fight, these horses are such beautiful creatures that it’s a joy to watch them—manes blowing majestically in the breeze around them—no matter what they’re doing.

Truth be told, this isn’t a particularly violent fight, so if you’re the type of person who’s squeamish about animal injuries (a category that we’re definitely included in!) you have nothing to fear by watching this. There’s even a charming little piece of music accompanying the action.

So if you’re hesitating before hitting the Play button, allow us to reassure you that have nothing to fear—but lots and lots to enjoy—by watching this video. It’s so rare to see truly up close footage of wild horses, which makes this particular video a definite keeper, worth bookmarking so you can return to it easily in the future, the next time you want to see beautiful animals in action. And if you have any horse loving friends, they’ll probably get a kick out of it too. This video may be fierce, but it’s also stunning.