Amazing Slow Motion Footage Of An Alligator Being Born

Published April 23, 2019 22,263 Plays $13.64 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeAn Alligator enthusiast has filmed the amazing moment they began to hatch from their eggs - all from the comfort of his home. Gracie Mansion from Astoria has been breeding Alligators for over two decades but decided to film them hatching in slow motion to show other people how fascinating is it.

The video was clip taken on April 2019 shows one baby Alligator slowly emerging from its egg and taking its first run.
Gracie Mansion told: "I have been doing this almost 20 years now with this species and it still blows me away every time like it was the 1st time.
"It is an absolute honor and privilege to watch first hand, not to mention to be able to help them out, clean them off, set them up in mini jungles and share their space for many years. "The video was taken in my incubation room that is part of my house.”

Baby alligators hatch fast in comparison to pythons. Normally, it will take "only" a few minutes to film the hatching of whole alligator nest.
The hatchlings make use of their tinny but sharp egg tooth to cuts through the eggshell from inside. The bridle shell cracks and ultimately brakes apart due to the baby alligator's constant movements.

This is really an exhausting mission for any baby alligator.
Hence, the alligator babies take periodically naps to regain new energy before discard of the entire eggshell.

Mother alligators guard their nests well, help their newborn babies during the hatching and carry them to the safety of the nearby pond.
She will protect her babies from any predators for at least the next ten months.
It is always incredible to witness this natural miracle first hand, seeing how mother nature designed all of us to be special and to come into this earth in our purest and most innocent form. This little fella maybe does not look too glamorous, but neither do we when we come into this world. It is the Best way to leave the hatching process of baby alligator entirely to themselves.

The only time these lovable creatures need human help is when they make the hole but cannot progress because they might be stuck in that eggshell. The alligator in this video does not have that problem and hatches on its own. The baby alligator will fully grow in about a week, and he will get the ability to swim and run, which means he will become independent.