This well-trained cat is such a fast learner!

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Rumble / Cats & KittensKids learn by copying the activity of their parents. And it seems that kittens do the same. This adorable video showing a young cat mimicking its owner is anything to go by. Animals are just the right companion to have whether it is that you live alone, or need some company or even the fact that you do not like being bored.

Household animals, whether it is a dog or a cat, or whatever you have your mind on getting, they are sure to brighten up your time.
It is usually when we come home from a hard day of work that we need to snuggle up in our bed and hopefully have a companion that is there Waiting for us and willing to offer some cuddles and some fun times.
In the Video, we have a little kitten that has the pleasure of being cuddled with her owner and just relax.

In the video, you will see something that will make you smile. This short video is only 19 seconds long, but it will have your heart melting right away. During this brief clip, the kitten is learning a lot from his owner.

The video features an 8-week-old Taiwan kitten being a total copycat when playing with her owner. While its owner is showing her some sleeping act in the bed, she is quite the charmer as she probably understands him and just does what he does.
Each time the owner moves, the kitten moves. This goes on for the entire video and it is really fun to watch.
The kitten looks as if she is playing, but she is really learning from this game. This kitten seems to be a fast learner and she will likely learn many things before she is a teenager. Cuteness overload!

Some people say that pet owners can start looking a lot like their furry companions. Well, in this case, this adorable cat has started to mimic his owner's every move! Talk about a unique bond of friendship! This hilarious duo is guaranteed to make you chuckle for the rest of the day!

Little information has been provided alongside the clip, which was posted to social media, and the location of the video is not known.
This video is currently going viral and now has over 500,000 views. So if you want to add to those numbers, make sure to check it out below.
You too will have a big smile on your face at the end of the video.


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