Thirsty Hyacinth Macaw Drinks From Faucet

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsEven a hyacinth macaw gets thirsty once in a while. This blue beauty named Shadow won’t pass up an opportunity to drink directly from the kitchen faucet. These blue beauties originally come from Central and South America, but are more commonly obtained through pet breeding. Since the hyacinth macaw is one of the most expensive pets, costing between $500 and $15,000, you will want to give your gentle giant of the parrot world lots of liberty to do whatever it wants, as long as it doesn’t endanger the bird.

Look at that sharp, curved beak! It must be hard to take a swig with such a beak, but Shadow figures out the best way to scoop up the precious water so that it goes down his throat. He looks especially pleased with himself, and is quite at home here. We don’t hear him saying anything in this particular clip, but we know that hyacinths are one of the most vocal, dare we say noisy members of the parrot family. The hyacinth is also the biggest parrot, bigger than any of its macaw cousins.

With a craning of its neck he stoops down and under the water, and with a twist of his head he hits the mark, and the water is his! Such a smart bird. Wouldn’t it be fun to give your hyacinth macaw a shower? Parrots and macaws do like them, you know. Not too cold, however. The water should be just right, even tepid, and certainly always in a warm climate. These aren’t snow birds. They expect warm and humid habitats.

For that right family that can afford to buy and keep a hyacinth macaw, it will keep you busy for a lifetime. They can live up to 60 years. As if owning one wasn’t expensive enough, they really do well when coupled with another hyacinth. They require a lot of care and attention, as well. Owning a hyacinth macaw is a full time occupation, so if you want to keep your hyacinth in good mental health, make sure someone in your family does have the time to care for this highly exotic, rare beauty.

We think shadow is as special as they come. He’s a great addition to our household, and he sure knows his way around our kitchen. Friends and visitors can’t get enough of him. Just don’t put an apron on him and expect him to cook.


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