Messy raccoon hides in closet

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Rumble If you think you'll find disaster in your home only if you have small children, you're wrong. This video shows us the great disorder that has made a small raccoon, which is forbidden to enter the room for just that reason. The unruly raccoon when he enters the bedroom does not stop playing with everything he finds, the scenes are spooky and none of us would like to find something like that when we get home. This mischievous raccoon is in trouble and even if he puts on the tenderest face in the world, it will not save it from possible punishment. Very funny!

The owners of this house went out for a walk to breathe some fresh air, as they have a small naughty pet that consumes all his energy because he wants to play all day, their owners have not yet found his off button. Both during the day and at night, the animal remains active, he sleeps for a while but in order to recharge his energy to keep running all over the carpet. The rebellious raccoon does not miss any opportunity to get into the room of their owners and and do pranks, so they are very careful not to leave the door open at the mercy of their uncontrollable pet. Hilarious!

Everything seemed normal, when theys enters his home after going for a walk they felt an enormous peace and everything looked normal, but everything changed when they went up to the room and saw that everything was upside down, so they did not hesitate to turn on the camera to record the disorder.
They assumed who had done it, so the next thing was to find him, to find the culprit was the goal, they just had to follow the steps of destruction... There he is! inside a drawer hiding from his guilts, on the other hand is the dog walking away as if to say "I'm leaving, I didn't do this". If the raccoon wanted to blame the dog, then his idea did not come out as expected, especially because they know him and know that he is a riot.

Food everywhere, the messy bed, has taken the stuffing of the pillows and has smeared on the floor of something we're not sure what it is, but his legs are muddy with whatever that is. The creator of all this mess is a small raccoon that has hidden in the drawer of the closet, he thought that they would not find it but he lacks practice to hide, at least he must have done it far from the scene of the crime, don't you think?

A walk and the forgetting to leave the door open, has been expensive to these people, this is the price of having a raccoon as a pet, since raccoons are known for being very curious and playful, in some cases they like to make a little of mess. This can be said by people who have been victims of night attacks by raccoons, those who sometimes enter the courtyards of houses to play, some are bandits and venture to find food and anything else they find interesting, without caring that they belong to someone else. Despite their history of altering the order, raccoons are adorable animals that can make us fall in love in a second, their beautiful appearance and ease of relating to humans makes them very special, so there is no lack of who dares to have them as pet Do not panic! the fact that you watch this video doesn't mean that your future pet raccoon also does the same. He could be worse! it's a joke... they just need a little discipline, which we can instill since they are babies, this way you will see how your pet in less than you imagine will be an exemplary raccoon and an excellent pet.