These two young girls have unusual wild birds at their feeder!

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsWhen people think of feeding the birds, we usually picture chicadees, finches, and blue jays. Most people put out seeds in a feeder near their windows where they can enjoy the sight of the tiny birds feasting on the treats throughout the day. Some people even put out specific seeds to attract specific birds, such as cardinals. But few people have a bird feeder like the one in this video. These two young girls love to visit their granparents' farm for many reasons. It's a beautiful home on a sprawling stretch of land, covered in forest and grass. There are lots of places to wander and explore. Another reason that they love this farm is the collection of animals and the wildlife. The nearby forest is home to a large flock of turkeys that make a morning visit to the house every day for their breakfast.

The girls spread seeds and corn out on the stump beside the house where the turkeys are sure to find it. As soon as the turkeys see the girls coming with the bucket, they come out in the open and watch. The flock doesn't even wait until they are gone before they start to eat.

There are at least thirty of these enormous birds in the flock and they have become comfortable enough to wander very close as they spread out the food. This is a delightful friendship that has developed.

Turkeys are among the largest and heaviest birds in North America. They live up to 10 years and reach a weight of 30 pounds or more. When threatened, they can run up to 25mph and they can also fly short distances. If they are cornered, turkeys can defend themselves very well with their large claws and spurs. They are more than capable of fighting off mid sized predators when needed.

Although they have very keen eyesight, turkeys cannot see well in the dark. this is when they are at their most vulnerable and they seek high branches to roost, keeping them safe from nocturnal predators.