Have You Ever Heard Of Puppy Yoga?

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Rumble It is really just like a normal yoga class, except puppies runs free throughout the yoga room, providing entertainment and spreading joy. The main contribution of puppies is kisses and cuddles!

We know that interacting with a dog can lower anxiety and stress while improving our mood. One of registered yoga teacher Marissa Sotto, says.
“The practice of yoga can help in the same way by stretching, moving, breathing, allowing the mind to take a break, we find a lowering of stress and anxiety.”
Sotto’s yoga center works with a regional nonprofit organization to run special puppy yoga events.
Sometimes the puppies are even available for adoption. Other times, the events are fund-raisers.
No matter the end goal, Sotto says the events are a joy to run.
“The participants light up when they interact with the puppies and for the puppies, they are just having a blast getting the attention.”

Doting on puppies is not just fun, it is important for their socialization.
All the love they receive during yoga classes helps them become more friendly, comfortable and confident around the people, something that will benefit them later.

Most people do not enroll in a class to find a dog of their own.
“The focus of Puppy Yoga is socialization for puppies and happiness for people,” Marissa Sotto explains.
In fact, the business owner has found that most participants come second for the yoga class and come first for the puppies
“We have had people tell us that it is the pleasure time of their lives.” Keith Mitchiner, the owner of Puppy Yoga, works with local breeders to run puppy yoga classes in Toronto, Vancouver, and Ottawa. The company does not sell dogs (most of the pups have already been claimed before they attend the class), but rather provides breeders with the chance to enhance their socialization programs.
Keith Mitchiner says, “Every dog owner that we have worked with instantly calls us back the second time because they see how beneficial the classes are to their
puppies’ socialization skills.”
he says, "when a new puppy comes in the class for the first time, he spends a lot of time in the corner and as the time progresses he learns how to interact with everyone".
When puppies feel more comfortable, they are meeting everyone and start exploring.
“It makes the yoga portion absolutely hilarious because, while you are in a pose, you will get attacked with puppy kisses and puppies trying to walk on your face or play with your hair.”