Amazing Encounter With Friendly Humpback Whale

Published April 10, 2019 15,949 Views $12.72 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsHave you ever seen a whale up close? Probably not, since few people are lucky enough to see a whale up close, but this group of crew members has managed to observe very closely how a pair of humpback whales revolve around the boat. Whales are very easy to see over long distances because they are quite large animals, since they are considered the largest animals in the ocean; however, not all have been able to observe a whale up close, since special trips are needed to reach them. I'm sure we all want to see a whale up close, especially after watching this video. This is really fantastic!

This group of people has managed to live the incredible moment in which two humpback whales approach the boat, so they did not miss any opportunity to film what was happening. The whales spent almost two hours circling near the boat while they watched all the people on board. Although it is hard to believe, humpback whales are very sociable animals, since videos like this really show how intelligent and curious these gentle giants are. The ocean is beautiful!

Humpback whales are one of the most recognized whales in the world, since they are very easy to differentiate from other whales, due to the large hump they have in their dorsal fin. The size of the humpback whales can vary according to the region in which they are, since the humpback whales that live in cold regions are much larger than those that live in warm regions, thanks to the evolutionary processes of the whales. A curious fact about this is that whales often hate the cold, as they tend to travel to warm areas as cold seasons approach.

Some experts say that not all whales are sociable and pleasant, but in this case the humpback whale is very good to observe, since these whales tend to make large movements and come to the surface to take air when necessary. In some countries, these whales have been trained to do acrobatics, which shows that they are intelligent animals and very capable of following instructions. Besides that, humpback whales are very curious, they love to lift their heads out of the water to see what happens around them, especially if there are boats and people nearby, maybe they love being the center of attention.

Moments like this show that ocean animals can surprise us more every day, so it is very important that we take care of the oceans and not dirty or contaminate the water, otherwise we can not continue observing moments like this. Probably everyone should know that currently the pollution of the oceans has really alarming figures, so we must help take care of the oceans by sharing useful information on social networks to create awareness in the minds of people. Humpback whales travel constantly in search of a better quality of life, so probably at some point we will see a humpback whale up close. I'd like to be aboard that boat!