3 years ago

Shoe Bag Sorting Activity for Developmental Disabilities

Shoe bag organizers are great for sorting activities when working with young children or adults with developmental disabilities. I sewed a different color object to the outside of the shoe sections.

My philosophy is that if a client has the skills to sort, identify pictures or read then I should try to incorporate using these cognitive skills. The video shows 3 different clients:
1. One has great color matching skills but he is unable to read
2. Another is able to sort the colors AND read the color names in order to put the paper into the matching color pocket and
3. The last client shown is unable to match or sort colors, but he enjoys removing the items from the sections and inserting them into a container.

This activity also works on using hands together, reaching and motor eye-hand coordination. Many of my clients love repetitive tasks such as this and find it relaxing. Fortunately, its easy to find small colorful objects or to cut your own from paper, magazines or plastic containers.

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