Bulldog Puppy Shows Robot Vacuum Who's The Boss

4 years ago

It really sucks when the weekend comes, and all you want to do is relax; however, your house has other plans for you. It needs cleaning! We definitely hate when we need to vacuum the house! That’s why people invented the Roomba Robot Vacuum! Combining a powerful cleaning system with intelligent sensors, our robots move seamlessly through your home, adapting to the surroundings to thoroughly vacuum your floors, leaving you with more time for what's important — spending time with your dog!

But, this dog does not like this vacuum cleaner. She finds it suspicious and weird, so she attacks it, trying to defend her family from this odd looking self-cleaning vacuum cleaner. Everyone keep calm, but there is a monster in the house. Luckily Lily is here to take care of it!

Now, this is a true battle of a true hero; Lily is here to rescue the family. She is here to take care of this monster. She just can’t stand the thought of the vacuum cleaner invading her space! She tries to scare it off, and push the vacuum out of the living room, but nothing seems to work! Intruder! Intruder! Way to go, Lily, that’s the way to defend your family.

For some dogs, the vacuum is a standout amongst the terrifying things in the house. Some dog owners find this entertaining mainly because it appears to be so foolish, yet you should consider your puppy's feelings of fear important. The initial step is to realize why your puppy fears the vacuum – at that point, you can figure out how to function with or through your pooch's fear.

A lot of dogs fear of the vacuum cleaner, we don’t know exactly why, but they think that this intruder or for some monster is evil. Silly little doggies! Some dogs attack the vacuum cleaner when they see it, and some just hide from it until it’s gone. This labrador puppy hides from the vacuum cleaner and the look on his face is priceless!

The cute 10-month Labrador puppy does not have those manifestations we were talking about. It surely is afraid by the weird looking noisy machine that his owner is dragging around the house, but the fear in him can preferably be placed in the “fear of the unknown” category. But, we all must admit that his reaction is priceless! What an adorably childish thing to do little pup!


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