Bilateral File Organizer Activity for Individuals with Autism

Published April 5, 2019 197 Views

Rumble A file organizer was adapted by snipping the center of all the horizontal bars except the top and bottom. I found out that if you snip all of the bars, you end up with two separate pieces! The edges of the cut bars are rough so you may want to cover them with duct tape. I attached a plastic container at the top of the organizer to use for storage and to insert/remove the pieces.

Now the fun part: Cut up plastic shapes or laminated pictures that your clients enjoy. Punch holes in the centers and enlarge them as needed. Some clients may prefer removing the shapes, others may prefer attaching and some want to do it all..... This activity works on the following skills:
• Using hands together
• Crossing midline in both directs
• Eye-hand coordination
• Identifying shapes or pictures
Options: Place the file organizer higher to encourage reaching. Place the shapes/pictures in a container on the floor, high up or across the room to incorporate movement. I found that this activity made a very active client who likes busy hands very happy!

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