Baby Preciously Leads Pony Across Adorable Obstacle Course

Published April 4, 2019 7,169 Views $34.72 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsRaising a kid with animals can be a great thing. If you are a parent and you are thinking of bringing a pet as an addition to the family, we are here to support your idea, because there is nothing better then a kid growing with a pet.

We love and support kids who grow up with animals. They will be great people someday, but for now, we will stay in the present and show you an adorable video of a girl and her best friend pony. They look so cute adorable that we will guarantee you that you will watch this video more than once.

17-month-old Verity adorable leads Super Noodles the pony from Pony Pals Therapy Team. Cuteness overload! Pony Pals is a team of miniature horses and a donkey who make therapy visits to nursing homes, community centers, and hospitals. The ponies are house trained, insured to work inside and trained to use the lift. They can also be booked to entertain the children at birthday parties.

How amazing is that? Why growing up with pets can be useful for your kid? Studies discover animals can help improve a kid's psychological and physical wellbeing. Pets can enable children to socialize better, show them duties, reduce stress, and show sympathy and benevolence.

It's amazing how animals reflect on kids. Not only they will learn how to be better people by growing up with them, but they will learn how awesome it is to have attention and friend for life.

We know a lot of parents always consider dogs and cats for their kids, but they forget about the other animals who can give love and support to your children. Let’s begin by telling that we know it's not possible for every little kid to grow up with a horse. Horses are expensive and, let’s face it, and not everyone can afford it. But for those fortunate few who can have a horse.

Horses can teach them responsibility, and how to love riding as a sport, they will teach them how to win and how to lose, they will show them empathy and help them build character. So, parents out there who are reading this, we have an advice for you. Never be afraid to let your kid grow up with animals and have a strong bond with them, whether that is a dog, a cat or a horse. Animals make kids better people, and someday they will be grateful for that.