Baby Girl Preciously Plays With Kitty Best Friend

Published April 4, 2019 6,996 Views $26.46 earned

Cats are really cool! They are also cute, and they love to play! Owning a cat is a fantastic and rewarding experience. Time spent with cats is never wasted! Cats are really the silliest creatures ever! We can confirm that the range of incredible and amazing videos of cats, including this one! Don’t you just love them?

Have we told you how much we love cat videos?! What are we saying, we know you do too! Since the time that the internet has been around, cat videos have dominated it as they are just so funny and adorable!

Anything from cats playing, being naughty, to just watching them sleep, cat videos are the best way to unwind. Things have gone so far, that there are studies that claim watching cat videos at work helps reduce stress and boosts energy and positive emotions. A cat video always boots our day and our energy, so watch this cute video and make your day filled with positive energy!

Kid's more than often can be too much and it is always nice to have someone, such as this nice cat "take over" from time to time. Surely, We don't mean it literally but as we can see in this video they are both getting along perfect and it seems they don't need anyone. For those of us who own cat's we know that they can easily loose interest and move on to the next thing. However, this cat might come as a surprise as it behaves very much like a dog when it comes down to hugging and simply embracing love.

Even though this video is short, and viewers only see a short clip of this little girl playing with her cat, it is evident that this is, in fact, a very regular occurrence in this household, which is just a beautiful thing. Aren't they just cute and funny?

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