Smart dog knows how to work refrigerator's ice machine

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are man's best friend for a reason. They are lovable, loyal and above everything else they are brilliant and intuitive. We often consider dogs as kids. We love to kiss them and hug them, spoil them and we miss them terribly when we are away.

Also, there are a lot of dog parents who are assured that their pets are the smartest in the world. There is no secret that dogs are really bright creatures. They understand our emotions and our commands, and they respond to them really well. Some people think that it just results of the great relationship they have with their owners, but we believe that there is a demonstration of intelligence.

So, are dogs really that smart or have they just learned to read us so well? To they understand and mimic our moves? Well, look no further because we have the answer for you, right here at this video. It will show you how amazing, smart and witty are dogs.

This intelligent dog knows how to work the refrigerator's ice machine, and he does it excitingly. Tank loves getting his ice, but eating it before his buddy does is the hard part! Hilarious! This is excellent proof that dogs will do anything to get their hands on something they like, and if this action doesn’t scream smart, we really don’t know what does.

His owners are probably proud of him and his hard work. However, his buddy needs to learn how to appreciate the hard work and need to share the ice with him, as he is doing all the hard work.

Dogs have shown their intelligence in many areas, and they have been helping people for centuries. Dogs are friendly, faithful house pets. They are smart, so they can give guidance to individuals, for example, working with cops at airplane terminals hunting containers for bombs and illicit drugs.

Dogs are smart, and they are very gifted, and we are here to share those moments with you and appreciate dogs the way they deserve to understand because they are just the best! Dogs rule!

Our pups are very smart and possess abilities that are far more impressive than ours, and we really cherish them for that. They always make a smile, and they make our lives so much fun!

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