Bilateral Rings for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Published April 2, 2019 256 Views

Rumble These rings are easy to cut out of all the vibrant, colorful, plastic containers in the recycling bin (especially if you drink coffee) and require using hands together to pull open and attach to a tube or giant ring stack. The ring stack shown in the video is too large to drop the rings down the traditional way, from the top. So, my clients need to pull them open to attach. This is great to work on
• using hands together
• sequencing steps to pull and place
• providing sensory stimulation from pulling/pushing into place
• integrating movement by retrieving rings from high or low surfaces

The video also shows a client with hemiplegia who avoids using his weaker, less coordinated left hand. He was not happy about this set up but the more he uses his left hand, the better he is at tasks that involve stabilization with the left and manipulation with his right hand.

This activity works on many different skills and the rings are FREE!
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