Wild deer thoroughly enjoys being hand fed watermelon

Published April 2, 2019 10,952 Views $1.93 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsDeer are among the most beautiful and gentle of nature’s animals. Their soulful brown eyes and graceful presence are a joy to behold. Most people consider themselves fortunate when they are able to admire one from afar, but occasionally, we see one pass close enough to get a decent glimpse of their beauty.

On extremely rare occasions, we might have the privilege of having one approach us curiously. This man decided to try his luck in a secluded forest in northern Ontario. There is a beautiful area where the deer are protected and cannot be hunted. They have learned that humans mean them no harm and they will often venture close enough for pictures. To enjoy the serenity of the forest with a deer close by is a peaceful and magical experience.

Knowing these deer will sometimes approach a person who is quiet and still for long enough, he brought a watermelon to see if the deer would come close enough for a treat. Watermelon has a sweet odor that this deer seemed interested in. She wandered around and grazed, frequently looking in the direction of the smell. She circled and moved closer over half an hour or so. Eventually, she walked up to the man and sniffed at it. Eventually, this beautiful animal took a bite and it was clear that she was a huge fan of it. She nibbled away at it for about ten minutes while he held it so she could scoop out the insides.

Wild animals are usually fearful of humans, and for good reason. Generally, it is not advisable to approach any wild animal because it can feel threatened and react with aggression. Even something so timid as a deer could seriously injure a person with a kick from its powerful legs. They are strong animals. This deer was able to approach on her own terms, and in her own time, and it was choice of the deer to come closer. Over a prolonged period, a certain amount of trust was earned. Even in such cases, wild animals will often learn that humans provide food, and this can place them at risk if they approach the wrong humans. But this area is very isolated and very well protected. The deer here will never be at risk from humans. It is one of the few places where such an interaction can be enjoyed without negative consequences.

Spending an afternoon in the presence of such a peaceful creature is unforgettable.