Kid Flawlessly Pulls Off Michael Jackson Dance Moves At Talent Show

Published April 1, 2019 6,525 Views $3.45 earned

Rumble / Caught DancingSay what you want about Micheal Jackson, but he inspired more than a generation. His music and entire persona still inspires millions around the world today. Those dance moves are legendary, as the kid flawlessly pulls off in this video featuring top hits like Bad, Billie Jean, Black or White and Thriller.

What was, or is, your opinion on Michael Jackson? Was he a victim of Hollywood gossip and scandal, or was it all true? Watching interviews with the Pop Star legend throughout his years growing up in the spotlight, I think he simply spent his life clinging onto his fantasy of a childhood he was never able to experience. Being in the public eye from such a young age definitely had its effects on the Jackson 5, but Michael most of all.

Michael was a childhood star. He was featured on interviews, TV shows, his music and videos reached millions all around the world. This would have to have an effect on anyone so young and susceptible. Anyone growing up with this kind of pressure on themselves and their family wouldn't know how to handle it. Especially before the days of mass social media followings that many experience today. Could you have handled it any better?

Netflix aired a new documentary entitled Leaving Neverland which has stirred up some long-ago controversial conversation surrounding Michael and his history; both public and private. This new documentary has insulted long-time fans with a crucial fact admitted wrong after the documentary was viewed by millions. This would have an impact on their perception of the child star and his life-long career, without having their impressions actually being grounded in fact or truth.

The movie suggests that Michael sexually assaulted a child-star in a hotel room that wasn't even built until years after this situation apparently occurred.

That being said, Michael also never told us the real reason he had to go from Black to White. Never-the-less, there are millions who still love and admire him since his passing, some even hoping he may still be out there doing the thriller dance in disguise.

Michaels moves live on through our admiration and imitation. This young boy isn't the first nor will be he the last new Michael fan. I believe what Michael Jackson put out into the world was legendary, timeless. I will show my children his work, and I hope you will, or have too! You never know, your kid may be the next to memorize his killer Thriller dance moves!